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Admiring Beauty

Massed grouping with ever changing combination of premium flowers including purple daisies and dries..

Rs. 2,349.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,349.00/-

Artistry at First Sight

How would you express your affection for the perfect mom or else in your life who matters so much to..

Rs. 4,249.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 4,249.00/-

Beauty in Green

This striking piece offers a contemporary style in a shoe shaped arrangement. They are styled in a h..

Rs. 1,199.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,199.00/-

Blissful Beauty Bouquet

A gift so beautiful and pretty, you just cant have enough of it. Send your loved one a piece of thei..

Rs. 1,249.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,249.00/-

Bloom Paradise

A blend of white orchids, pink aristomaria, pink carnation, dracaena leaves and driftwood together m..

Rs. 4,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 4,149.00/-

Blooming Happiness

Celebrate togetherness with a touch of elegance arrangement of red carnation, seasonal leaves and dr..

Rs. 3,699.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,699.00/-

Blue Pot Of Joy

Whatever the reason for celebration be, this beautiful gift will fit in elegantly and surely win you..

Rs. 499.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 499.00/-

Breathtaking Emotions

This sensational selection of yellow asiatic lilies featured with white daisies and yellow alestrome..

Rs. 5,049.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 5,049.00/-

Carnation Glee

Flower is an ideal gift to convey your warm thoughts and emotions. So, if you are thinking to send s..

Rs. 999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 999.00/-

Carry With Style

Show how spring has sprung with this bag arrangement designed with artificial bamboo, set decorative..

Rs. 5,849.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 5,849.00/-

Celebrate My Love

This flower arrangement of red roses in a square glass vase is sure to dazzle your special recipient..

Rs. 749.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 749.00/-

Celebrating Romance

Feel the love with this stunning bouquet of red, yellow, white and pink roses in red paper packing. ..

Rs. 549.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 549.00/-

Charm of Love

Thank that someone very special for being beside you throughout your life by gifting them with this ..

Rs. 999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 999.00/-

Daisies Oasis

Thinking of something to surprise your dear ones? A posy like arrangement of assorted flowers arrang..

Rs. 1,299.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,299.00/-

Delicate Princess

A stunning bunch of 4 white oriental lilies#44; 5 red anthuriums and 12 red carnations along with lo..

Rs. 2,849.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,849.00/-

Delightful Bloom

Create a memorable day of your loved ones on his/her birthday with this exquisite flower arrangement..

Rs. 7,449.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 7,449.00/-


Exquisite and rare bunch of 2 yellow Lilies beautifully wrapped in a red paper wrapping along with 4..

Rs. 1,499.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,499.00/-

Endearing Pink Roses

Pink roses carry the charm and sweetness of a new love and friendship. In order to let someone gree..

Rs. 399.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00/-

Enigmatic Red Roses

Red Rose is the forever sign of deep, passionate, and long-lasting love. To let your loved ones kno..

Rs. 399.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00/-

Enticing Yellow Roses

Yellow is the color of youth, fun, energy, excitemnet, and cheerfulness. So, when you want to sizzl..

Rs. 399.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 399.00/-

Eternal Beauty

A delicate, fairy tale shower bouquet in red and yellow is accentuated with lush greens. This exotic..

Rs. 1,999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,999.00/-

Exotic Bouquet

Its just perfect to surprise someone, with a stunning one sided bouquet of 6 white asiatic lilies an..

Rs. 1,449.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,449.00/-

Express Yourself

This lovely bag shaped arrangement will make a lovely present to gift someone special. Exquisitely d..

Rs. 1,749.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,749.00/-

Extravagent Affair

This bouquet is a perfect bouquet for proposing to your loved one. It is a blend of 40 red roses in ..

Rs. 1,749.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,749.00/-

Feel Cherished

This bouquet with bright blooms offer heartfelt greetings and feelings to friends and families. Stun..

Rs. 1,949.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,949.00/-

Forever Red Rose

Love lasts forever ! Literally an eternal symbol of love, this red rose will last forever. It looks ..

Rs. 999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 999.00/-

Garden Pageant

This majestic floral arrangement comprising of pink oriental lily, purple orchid, white and pink car..

Rs. 4,749.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 4,749.00/-

Hearteous Confession

A bunch of elegant exotic flowers sure to make her day includes 5 birds of paradise#44; 6 red anthur..

Rs. 3,199.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,199.00/-


brings this elegant and magnificently charming basket arrangement of 4 purple orchids, 4 pink carna..

Rs. 949.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 949.00/-

Magnifique style

This exotic bouquet of red roses and anthurium with green fillers arranged in red and white jute pac..

Rs. 1,699.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 1,699.00/-


A flower speaks a thousand words. They are enough to bring shine in eyes and smile on lips. This makes flower the most sought after gift options. A single flower is enough to make any one feel special.

Give us the responsibility to make your near and dear ones special by gifting them beautiful, delicate and fresh flowers. From orchids to roses, from daisies to tulips, we have everything. There are n numbers of options to choose from.

Wish your loved ones on their birthday with a bouquet of mixed flowers. The mixed flower bouquet, as the name says has all the flowers like roses, carnations, lilies, orchids and many more.

What other way could be better to wish your loved ones good morning than sending them flowers? Wish them good morning with a bunch of red roses. If you are out of town for work and couldn’t make home back on your anniversary, send your spouse gorgeous and fresh tropical flowers. She would cherish this gesture lifelong.

We also offer designer bouquets for special occasions. The designer bouquets are beautifully designed by the experts. Each and every flower is hand- picked and interweaved with tender love and care. They look pretty and appealing.

If you want your flowers to stay forever with your loved ones, you can opt for artificial flowers. There are many beautiful artificial flowers that exactly look like original flowers. They are pretty, last forever and also do not fall heavy on your pocket.