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Afternoon Tea

A delightful bouquet of pinks, lilacs and oranges, with bursts of green. This bundle is perfect for ..

Rs. 2,269.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,269.00/-


Sweep her off her feet with this one dozen rose bouquet of swirling romantic reds and sweet pinks. I..

Rs. 2,419.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,419.00/-

Art Deco

The sheer beauty of the calla lily, opening as a single flawless bloom, enhanced by bright roses. Se..

Rs. 3,049.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,049.00/-

Assorted Tulips

Vibrant fresh cut tulips will make a cheery showing wherever they are displayed. We have assorted 20..

Rs. 10,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 10,149.00/-

Birthday Bliss

A happy birthday surprise of colourful mixed flowers thoughtfully arranged in a complimenting white ..

Rs. 3,549.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,549.00/-

Birthday Bonanza

A fresh and colourful explosion of 4 stargazer lilies, 3 red roses, red carnations, blue iris, nestl..

Rs. 2,599.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,599.00/-

Black Forest Gateaux

The original and arguably the best Black Forest Gateaux. Delicious!..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Bold n Beautiful

This dark wicker basket contains an abundance of top quality fresh fruit. There are plump red and wh..

Rs. 4,449.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 4,449.00/-


This is your chance to dazzle her with romance. Captivate her fancy with one dozen of our premium pi..

Rs. 2,239.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,239.00/-


She's pure of heart, she's devoted, she's selfless. You want to send her your love and tell her she'..

Rs. 3,419.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,419.00/-

Charlie Bear

A plush golden brown bear with a satin ribbon and also a little extra gift around his neck 5 delici..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Cheerful Greetings

We have created a seasonal bouquet that will send cheerful greetings when it arrives with its colorf..

Rs. 5,899.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 5,899.00/-

Chelsea Girl

A truly striking ensemble of flowers, this beautiful arrangement is a classy and visual delight. 3 l..

Rs. 3,199.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,199.00/-

Choc Nut Cheesecake

A delicious creamy caramel cheesecake topped with a layer of caramel, bittersweet chocolate drizzle ..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Choco Bloom

What is at the centres of the petals of this extra special bouquet? No less than two dozen delectabl..

Rs. 3,137.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,137.00/-


24 pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolates...

Rs. 2,649.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,649.00/-

Choco n Strawberry Gateaux

This chocolate and strawberry gateau makes a great dessert for after dinner. Fresh strawberries and ..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-


The ultimate chocolate cake! A layered chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate cream and delicatel..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Chocolate Bliss

This is the gift they waiting for One dozen of our finest ruby red roses displayed in a glistening r..

Rs. 3,549.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,549.00/-

Chocolate Bombe

A Chocolate Bombe Cake piled high with French style chocolate mousse and enrobed with dark chocolate..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Chocolate Cherry Crush

The perfect taste combination is on offer with this gorgeous cake rich decadent chocolate and sweet ..

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Chocolate Heaven

The lucky recipient will be in chocolate heaven when they dive into this creative and delectable gif..

Rs. 7,499.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 7,499.00/-

Citrus Bliss

Give a gift of sheer indulgence with this blissful citrus cream bath set. Citrus has an invigorating..

Rs. 4,999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 4,999.00/-

Coffee Cake

A classic coffee and nut cake which is topped with an easy espresso-infused butter cream icing...

Rs. 2,149.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,149.00/-

Color Plus

A bouquet of 2 dozen mixed pink and red roses...

Rs. 5,349.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 5,349.00/-

Congrats Gift Basket

This gift includes premium items such as a jumbo Ghirardelli dark chocolate bar, chocolate dipped pr..

Rs. 7,799.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 7,799.00/-

Cookies Basket

Blue Diamond-Shelled Nuts (11g), Tobi Dry Roast (180g), Ice Oatmeal,Raisin Cookies (204g), Oreo (300..

Rs. 5,499.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 5,499.00/-

Cup O Jo Gift Basket

Designed for the coffee lover, this gift has everything related to coffee. We start with a box of la..

Rs. 7,999.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 7,999.00/-

Daisies Bouquet

This bouquet includes a dozen of our most colorful Dandy Daisies- yellow, fuschia, white, pink and o..

Rs. 2,419.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 2,419.00/-

Dancing Queen

Simple yet absolutely delightful, this top quality hand-tied bouquet is a fabulous combination of tw..

Rs. 3,549.00/- Ex Tax: Rs. 3,549.00/-